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Details of Projects/FDPs/Seminars

Amount Received for R &D from various Research Agencies

Year Research Projects MODROBS Staff/Faculty Development Programmes Seminars/ Conferences MSME Consultancy  Total Amount
2007-08 6.88 - - - -    
2008-09 29.34 9.20 8.00 5.60 -    
2009-10 17.67 - 8.00 1.875 -    
2010-11 19.27 - - 035 -    
2011-12 28.00 15.50 7.00 7.25 -    
2012-13 17.70 30.50 7.00 4.00 -    
2013-14 35.12 5.90 - - -    
2014-15 101.44 - - - 52.77    
2015-16 41.40 - - - -    
2016-17 25.26 - - - -    
2017-18 146.98 6.40 - - - 98.12  
2018-19     3.00     38.75  
Total Amount 469.06 67.50 33.00 19.1 52.77 136.87  

Details of Projects/FDPs/Seminars sanctioned from various Agencies

S.No Year Dept Agency Scheme Topic Project Coordinators Approval File No. Fund (in Lakhs) Status
  2018-19 IT AICTE-ISTE   Pedagogical training on outcome-based education Dr.K.Prasana Lakshmi ISTE/AICTE-ISTE induction/refresher programme/2018 3 completed
  2017-18 - DST FIST To Strengthen research facilities in all science departments of college Dr.J.Praveen
Dr.V.Sree Hari
99 ongoing
  2017-18 Mech Engg UGC Minor Project Analysis on performance and emission with Bio-Diesel by changing the Piston Bowl Geometry Dr.U.S.Jyothi No.F MRP-6740/16(SERO/UGC)
2.85 ongoing
  2017-18 IT UGC Minor Project Minimization of Energy Consumption in Mobile Wireless Sensor Network By Using Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Dr.Padmalaya Naik No.F MRP-6568/16(SERO/UGC)
1.565 ongoing
  2017-18 BT UGC Minor Project Impact of Zinc Nanoparticles on Morphological,Bio-Chemical and Enzymatic aspects of any two Leguminous Crops Dr.K.V.Pavani No.F MRP-6939/16(SERO/UGC)
0.925 ongoing
  2017-18 MBA UGC Minor Project A Study on the Critical Factors Affecting Success and Failure of Entrepreneurs Dr.D.Indira No.F MRP-6696/16(SERO/UGC)
1.95 ongoing
  2017-18 Mech Engg AICTE RPS Study the effect of friction on formability of EDD at elevated temperature Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh Ref.No:8-52/RIFD/RPS/POLICY-1/2016-17
Dtd. 02-08-2017
31.46 ongoing
  2017-18 ECE AICTE MODROBS Upgradation of Software Defined Radio Laboratory Dr.V.Ayyem Pillai Ref.No.9-131/RIFD/MODROB/POLICY-1/2016-17, Dtd.17-10-2017 8.00 ongoing
  2016-17 ME UGC RESEARCH AWARD Forming of Austenitic Stainless Steel (ASS) 304 in Superplastic region Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh F. 30- 67/2016 (SA-II)
41.40 Completed
2014-15 ME BRNS (DAE) Project Comparison of formabilty and texture studies of Zr-alloy-4 sheet when produced by rolling and pilgering route Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh 36(2)/14/56/2014-BRNS Dtd. 25.03.2015 37.953 Ongoing
2014-15 ME AR&DB Project Understanding forming behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V material between 400-850 degree C in deep drawing set up Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh ARDB/01/2031758/M/I
9.68 Completed
2014-15 EEE SERB Young Scientist Design of 250kVA Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement Dr. J. Praveen SB/FTP/ETA-400/2013
Dtd. 24.03.2015
28.61 Completed
2014-15 EEE SERB Young Scientist Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Controller for Linear Induction Motor Based Magnetic Levitation Dr. DV Pushpalatha SB/FTP/ETA-404/2013
Dtd. 9.01.2015
25.20 Completed
2013-14 MCA UGC Minor Project Study of Education Patterns in Rural and Urban India Using Association Rule Mining Dr.Althaf Hussain Basha MRP-4585/14 (SERO/UGC)
Dtd. March 2014
1.135 Completed
2013-14 ME UGC Minor Project Exploring the alternative bio based adhesive for plywood manufacturing B. Tanya MRP-4588/14 (SERO/UGC)
Dtd. March 2014
2.00 Completed
2013-14 CSE UGC Minor Project Development of a Software Tool to Predict the Mechanical Properties of ASS-304 at Different Temperatures Lakshmi Kamumuri MRP-4587/14 (SERO/UGC)
Dtd. March 2014
1.95 Completed
2013-14 IT UGC Minor Project Study of Statistical and Feature based methods for Authorship Attribution and Authorship Characterization in Indian Context Mr. NV Ganapathi Raju MRP-4590/14 (SERO/UGC)
Dtd. March 2014
1.663 Completed
2013-14 CSE UGC Minor Project A computing Parallel String Matching Approach with OMEGA Model Mr. K. Butchi Raju MRP-4586/14 (SERO/UGC)
Dtd. March 2014
1.80 Completed
2013-14 MBA UGC Minor Project Developing the competitive business strategies for unorganized retailers in the context of changing economic scenario Dr. Y. Ramakrishna Prasad MRP-4584/14 (SERO/UGC)
Dtd. March 2014
2.125 Completed
2013-14 BT UGC Minor Project An insight into the mechanism of apoptosis in yeast strains (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) with defects in mRNA decapping and degradation. Dr.K.Krishnam Raju MRP-4589/14 (SERO/UGC)
Dtd. March 2014
3.25 Completed
2013-14 ME SERB RP Construction of qualitative warm working processing maps for Ass 304 material Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh SR/S3/MERC/0129/2012, Dtd. 06.11.2013 14.00 Completed
2013-14 ECE AICTE MODROBS Upgradation of Digital and Embedded Systems Design Lab Dr.ValavalaVenkateswara Rao 9-66/RIFD/MODROB/Policy-1/2013-14(Pvt.), Dtd. 19.07.2013 5.90 Completed
2012-13 MBA AICTE SG International Conference on “Consumer Dynamics and Marketing Strategies in a Globalized Economic Era – Perspectives and Challenges” Dr.Ramkrishna Prasad Yarlagadda 22/AICTE/RIFD/SEM/(policy4)126/2012-13 Dtd. 12.03.2013 2.00 Completed
2012-13 ME AICTE SG 2nd International Conference on Materials Processing and Characterization Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh 22/AICTE/RIFD/SEM/(policy4)127/2012-13 Dtd. 12.03.2013 2.00 Completed
2012-13 ME AICTE FDP Characterization of materials and processing of high strength materials Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh 1-7/AICTE/RIFD/FDP/Pvt.(3)- 25/2012-13
Dtd. 20.02.2013
7.00 Completed
2012-13 IT AICTE MODROBS Modernization of computer networks and mobile computing lab using Netsim Simulator and Components Dr.Padmalaya Nayak 12/AICTE/RIFD/MOD(policy-3) pvt-45/2O12-13 Dtd. 25.02.2013 8.50 Completed
2012-13 CSE AICTE MODROBS Parallel Programming and Operating Systems Lab Dr. Praveen Kumar Verma 12/AICTE/RIFD/MOD(policy-3) pvt-43/2O12-13 Dtd. 25.02.2013 7.50 Completed
2012-13 BME AICTE MODROBS Modernization of Biomedical Instrumentation Lab Mrs. Padma Tatiparti 12/AICTE/RIFD/MOD(policy-3) pvt-44/2O12-13 Dtd. 25.02.2013 14.50 Completed
2012-13 ME AICTE RPS Formability Study of AUSTENITIC STAINLESS STEEL (316 GRADE) at Higher Temperatures and development of redrawing facility in warm conditions of high strength materials Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh 20/AICTE/RIFD/RPS/(POLICYIII)99/2012-13 Dtd. 21.02.2013 17.70 Completed
2012-13 BT SERB Research Project Mechanistic link between apoptosis and mRNA decay in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Dr. K. Krishnam Raju SR/FT/LS-108/2011
Dtd. 29.05.2012
22.00 Completed
2011-12 ME AICTE RPS Thermal Hydraulics of Heat Pipe Heat Sinks for Electronics Cooling Application Dr. P S V Kurma Rao 8023/RID/RPS-20/Pvt (II Policy)/2011-12
Dtd. 06.02.2012
6.00 Completed
2011-12 ECE AICTE MODROBS Modernization of Microwave & Optical Communications Lab Dr. Ravi Billa 8024/RIFD/MOD-85(Pvt.)/Policy-III/2011-12 Dtd. 05.03.2012 7.00 Completed
2011-12 ME AICTE MODROBS Test Rigs and Equipment for Construction of FLD's in Warm Forming Dr. K.G.K. Murti 8024/RIFD/MOD-87(Pvt.)/Policy-III/2011-12 Dtd. 05.03.2012 8.50 Completed
2011-12 IT AICTE SG International Conference on Advanced Computing Methodologies Dr. T.V. Rajinikanth RIFD/SEM/48/2011-12
Dtd. 30.11.2011
0.70 Completed
2011-12 DST SR/SS/897/2011-12
Dtd. 31.03.2012
2011-12 ME CSIR SG International Conference on Materials Processing and Characterization Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh SYM/6973/11-HRD
Dtd. 09.02.2012
0.30 Completed
2011-12 DST SR/SS/1427/2011-12
Dtd. 28/02/2012
2011-12 AICTE RIFD/SEM/160/2011-12
Dtd. 28.02.2012
2011-12 MBA AICTE SDP Developing Research Skills in Management Scholars Dr. P.B. Appa Rao RIFD/SDP/112/2011-12
Dtd. 13.01.2012
7.00 Completed
2010-11 ME AICTE RPS-b Study and development of asbestos free brake Friction lining with agro waste (Eco-friendly) Mr. D. Ramana Reddy 8023/RID/RPS-16/2010-11
Dtd. 31.03.2011
9.50 Completed
2010-11 CSE DRDO Research Project Development of high performance video surveillance algorithms on cost effective multicore architecture for homeland security Dr. Praveen Kumar ERIP/ER/1004552/M/01/1307
Dtd. 28.03.2011
9.77 Completed
2009-10 ME AICTE RPS Study of Finit Element Simulaion on the extent of Ironing of Low Carbon Steels under Warm Conditions Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh 8023/BOR/RID/RPS-75/2009-10
Dtd. 21.10.2010
17.67 Completed
2009-10 MBA AICTE SG National Seminar on Developing Research Skills in Management Scholars Dr. D. Masthan 1-4/RID/SEM/68/2009-10
Dtd. 05.01.2010
0.75 Completed
2008-09 EEE AICTE SG National Conference on Advanced Controls-NADCON 2009 Dr. S.N. Saxena 1-4/FD/SEM/421/2008-09
Dtd. 31.03.2009
1.50 Completed
2008-09 CSE AICTE SG Advanced Computing Technologies Dr. S. Viswanadha Raju 1-4/FD/SEM(278)/2008-09
Dtd. 16.03.2009
1.50 Completed
2008-09 ECE AICTE SDP Comprehensive Training Program on Embedded System Design Dr. KVSVR Prasad 1-78/FD/SDP(142)/08-09
Dtd. 12.03.2009
7.00 Completed
2008-09 CSE AICTE SDP Emerging Trends in Data Mining Dr. S. Viswanadha Raju 1-78/FD/SDP(260)/08-09
Dtd. 12.03.2009
7.00 Completed
2008-09 ME AICTE CAYT Charecterisation of AI in warm condition using FEM Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh 1-51/FD/CA/19/2008-09
Dtd. 29.01.2009
10.50 Completed
2008-09 School of Compu-ting DST SG Advances in Computing Technologies Dr. S. Viswanadha Raju SR/SS/529/08-09
Dtd. 10.02.2009
0.70 Completed
2008-09 EEE AICTE SDP Recent trends in Power Electronics & Embedded Controls Dr. S.N. Saxena 1-78/FD/SDP(14)/2008-2009
Dtd. 17.09.2008
2.00 Completed
2008-09 BT AICTE SG Emerging Trends in Nano Biotechnology Dr. D. Sailaja 1-4/RID/SEM(02)/2008-09
Dtd. 17.09.2008
1.50 Completed
2008-09 CSE AICTE SG Algorithms and Data Mining Dr. S. Viswanadha Raju 1-4/RID/SEM(10)/2008-09
Dtd. 17.09.2008
1.50 Completed
2008-09 Computer Appli-cations DST SG Advanced Algorithms & Data Mining Techniques Dr. P. Sateesh Kumar SR/SS/291/08-09
Dtd. 29.09.2008
0.40 Completed
2008-09 ME DST SERC Finite element simulation of warm forming of Interstitial free (IF) steel and study the effect of blank temperature on thickness distribution & drawability Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh SR/FTP/ETA-14/08
Dtd. 02.06.2008
18.84 Completed
2007-08 EEE AICTE MODROBS Automation of Electrical Machines Lab using PLCs Prof. PM Sarma 8023/RID/BOR/MOD-76/2007-08
Dtd. 20.06.2008
9.20 Completed
2007-08 ME AICTE RPS Study of Flow forming behaviour of deep drawn quality steel when it is drawn into a die by sensing temperature and stresses at different stages of drawing Dr. KGK MurtiDr. Swadesh Kumar Singh 8023/BOR/RID/RPS-21/2007-08
Dtd. 16.10.2007
6.88 Completed

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