GRIET Counselling Centre (GCC)

    Objectives and Nature of counselling

    Counselling is a helping process at which the individual meets a counsellor aiming to enhance his/her self-understanding and personal development, to empower himself/herself to cope with his/her problems and stress, to facilitate his/her adjustment to life and to assist himself /herself in making healthy life changes.

    The first meeting with a counsellor will be for a consultation to determine what services will be most helpful to the client. It will be necessary to schedule a regular time to meet with a counsellor depending on the goals set and the needs of the problem.

    The successful outcome of the Counselling Programme depends on the courage and willingness of the client to make a change. The counsellor will work together with the client to achieve the goals.

    Confidentiality in counselling

    The Counselling process adheres to a policy of strict confidentiality. All material and information discussed during the counselling sessions is strictly confidential. The counsellor has the right to consult other helping professionals such as parents, teachers, peers, mentors, other counsellors, psychologists, social workers, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, with the consent of the client, in the interest of providing the best service possible.


    Counsellor’s Details

    Dr.Y.Butchi Raju
    M.Sc. (Psychology), M.Phil. (Psychology), M.B.A., M.A. Sociology, Ph.D.
    Counselling Psychologist
    Mobile: 8919618456
    Appointment Timings: 2PM to 4PM (Download Counselling Appointment Form)
    Counselling Centre: Block Number: 1, Room: 1105, GRIET