• Realising the importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) the Ministry of Human Resource Development as per the Mission Document, ICT is the tool in education available to enhance the current enrolment rate in Higher Education. The National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been envisaged as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme to leverage the potential of ICT, in providing high quality personalized and interactive knowledge modules over the internet/intranet for all the learners in Higher Education Institutions in any time any where mode.

    ICT enabled education at GRIET aims to provide effective teaching and learning for all the stakeholders at anytime and anywhere. A few major benefits of using ICT as a tool are

    • Blended learning
    • Active learning
    • Real chance of independent learning
    • Student-centred learning
    • Usage of open educational resources
    • Spoken tutorials

    GRIET-MOODLE is a learning platform provides lecture notes, reading material, assignments, video lectures, online quiz, and announcements to students.


    Dean ICT : Dr. K Madhavi, Professor, CSE Dept.

    ICT Member : Mr. G Santosh Kumar, Asst. Professor, CSE Dept. 9553011222

    Departmentwise ICT Incharges:
        Mr K Sudheer Babu – CSE
        Ms Veena Trivedi - IT
        Ms K Sudha - EEE
        Mr M Govardhan - CE
        MsV Hima Bindu - ECE
        Ms Anitha Lakshmi - ME
        Mr B Sreedhar - ENGLISH
        Dr G Patrick - PHYSICS
        Mr M Srinivas - MATHS
        Ms B Saroja - CHEMISTRY
        Mr Kapil Kumar - CPDS
        Ms Y Gayatri – BS