• Management Today

    Management Today provides a platform for high quality papers dealing with management and its related fields like business practice, entrepreneurship, accounts, finance, economics, mass communication, stocks, legal sciences etc. Visit the website for more details.

  • International Journal of Advanced Computing

    Aims to publish research articles,ideas,findings on Advanced Computing Concepts such as advanced computing architectures, Embedded Systems, Grid and Cloud Computing, Advance Data Base Management Systems and its Applications and areas related to computer sciences. Visit the website for more details.

  • Journal of Data Engineering And Computer Science

    The Journal aims to provide latest research and the best practices in the field of Data Engineering and Computer Science, The journal incorporate various advanced data engineering techniques, Computer Engineering and Scientific research providing guidance to the professionals who will use this to inform their practices. Visit the website for more details.

  • International Journal of Advanced Materials Manufacturing and Characterization

    The Journal publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of mechanical engineering. The main ambition is to provide an opportunity for young researchers a platform to contribute a high quality articles in current / emerging areas in field of Mechanical Engineering. Visit the website for more details.

  • Books


    Assessment Practices in Engineering - A Review by Dr Jandhyala N Murthy,Principal,GRIET-The Journal oof Engineering Education