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    Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK)

    The key focus at Telangana Academy for Skills and Knowledge is to enhance employability quotient of young graduates in our state and enable them to choose multiple avenues as they graduate. TASK enables a collaboration platform between Government, Academia and Industry to enhance skilling, research and entrepreneurship among youth in Telangana.

    Some of the key initiatives at TASK include

    • Soft Skill development programs for Graduates
    • Faculty Development Programs at colleges
    • Initiatives that nurture product innovation among students & faculty in collaboration with JNTU and HYSEA
    • Technology Entrepreneurship Program for students in collaboration with ISB
    • Technology Skilling Programs in collaboration with Oracle, Infosys, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Autodesk and SAP
    • Rolling out programs in collaborations with IIIT – Hyderabad, NIT Warangal, IIT Hyderbad and BITS Pilani
    • ESDM Scheme Implementation
    • Coordination of Training Programs for Government Departments
    • Finishing School
    • E-Learning Programs

    TASK co-ordinator
    Dr.N V Ganapathi Raju,TASK Coordinator & Professor, IT , mail-id: