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Finishing School


GRIET FINISHING SCHOOL is an unique initiative training program with the motivation that all students will complete their course as per their respective academic calendar and be ready to take up the careers of their choice (Employment, Entrepreneur ship and Higher studies).

Hence the Finishing School aims to

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Identify academically weak students in all the Four years and assist them throughout the course to obtain the degree within the course period.
  2. Help out the students who cannot pass out due to any reason.
  3. Assist Training and Placement Cell, Career Guidance & Counseling Cell and EDP Cells to mould their personality and acquire appropriate skills and thus to make them contributive force to the society.

Plan of Action: The school implements the following Plan of Action

Plan of Action

The school implements the following plan of action.

  1. Collection of students’ data either from the Front Office (Dean, Admissions) or Departments.
  2. Identification of academically weak students in First year and those with backlogs in subsequent years.
  3. Finding out the subjects where failure rate is high.
  4. Identification of respective subject experts to conduct remedial classes.
  5. Preparation of the schedules and Time-Tables for the remedial classes.
  6. Information to all the students and parents about the conduction of the classes.
  7. Encouraging the students for attending classes.
  8. Conduction of the classes.
  9. Providing necessary supporting material for the subjects.


  • Classes in Zero hours (3.00 PM to 4.00 PM for 2nd &3rd Students and 9.00 AM to 10.00 AM for 1st & 4th Students)
  • Counseling sessions by respective Mentors
  • Facilitation of Study material
  • Honorarium to the faculty
  • Conduction of Moodle

Constitution of the Cell:

Dean-Finishing School
Dr P.Varaprasada Rao,
Professor, Department of CSE
Room No: 1207,
GRIET Hyderabad.
e-mail id: prasadp.griet@gmail.com

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