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Green campus

'Green campus' is a concept which stands for the efforts to establish environmentally sustainable practices in any institution. Its goal is to diminish the impact of ecological footprints by implementing the principles of sustainability at every level of institutional functioning.

GRIET’s environment makes an aesthetic impression on those who step into the campus while simultaneously presenting the pedagogical/academicals mission. Consequently, students along with faculty learn and live on and around campus to gain a new dimension to their learning and teaching experience and an increased appreciation of the natural world.

GRIET has undertaken a “Green Campus” initiative seeking to take a holistic approach to campus sustainability. Its main focus is on campus flora fauna, solid waste management, alternative energy resources, etc.

* Flora and Fauna: It’s the occurring of plant life in particular region or period. The corresponding term for animal life is referred to as Fauna.

* Solid Waste Management: It is the process of collecting and treating of solid waste which offers solutions for recycling items that do not belong to garbage or trash but can be changed in a vulnerable resource.

* Alternate Energy Resource : The energy derived from sources that do not use up natural resources or harm the environment such as solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy etc. are called as Alternative Energy Resource.

GRIET campus is divided into six sectors and the sectors are allocated to different departments respectively to classify, develop and monitor the flora and fauna. As the major portion of the institute is located on hill called Laila Hills the campus has a distinctive feature undulations of vast height difference, rocky platforms that not only add beauty to the surroundings but also challenges in converting them to assets without disturbing the natural environment.

As part of Green Campus Initiatives to make GRIET a sustainable and environmental friendly institution GRIET has initially commissioned 10kWp rooftop off grid and fixed tilt solar power plant in the campus with the local support of students and staff of Electrical and Electronics Engineering department in the year 2012. With the experience gained from the 10kWp project, another 100 kWp grid tied seasonal tilt Solar Power plant was installed on 26 Jan 14 catering one third energy needs of the institute at that time. It is truly a significant milestone. The power generated during holidays, Sundays and also excess power during working days is fed into the National Grid. 110 kWp solar power plant generates 176398kWh units of electrical energy annually that is equivalent to reduction in 180 Tons of CO2 emission. A true green initiative by Electrical and Electronics Engineering department and by the college.

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