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Dr. G.Srinivasa Bapiraju
Professor & Dean Internships, GRIET

Roles and Responsibilities of Dean Internships

  • Interacting with the department coordinators and maintaining college Internships database.
  • Increasing the number of Internships.
  • Interacting with potential industries that offer Internships.
  • Proposing the guidelines/rules for the internship process. Internships are encouraged during the vacation.*
  • Interacting with the companies which are providing internships to know the student progress/behaviour during the internship period.
  • Seeking the suggestions from the companies towards better planning the internship process and enhance employability opportunities.

* However special cases may be considered.

Internship is an opportunity that employers offer to students interested in gaining work experience in particular industries.

As competition for graduate jobs increases, students need to think of new ways to set themselves apart from all of the other equally qualified and skilled candidates. Graduates who have relevant workplace experience tend to be more valued by employers, and this makes Internships an attractive prospect.

Internships offer students a hands-on opportunity to work in their desired field. They learn how their course of study applies to the real world and build a valuable experience that makes them stronger candidates for jobs after graduation.

An Internship can be an excellent way to "try out" a certain career. For instance, you may think you want a fast-paced job in advertising after college, but after an internship, you may find that it's not for you; that's valuable insight that will help you choose your career path.

In some colleges, internships also count towards course credit. This is dependent on your individual college's requirements, but usually, a three-month-long internship counts as a full course credit.

Benefits to the Students:

  1. An opportunity to get hired by the Industry/ organization.
  2.  Practical experience in an organizational setting.
  3. Excellent opportunity to see how the theoretical aspects learned in classes are integrated into the practical world.
  4. Helps them decide if the industry and the profession is the best career option to pursue.
  5. Creating network and social circle and developing relationships with industry people.
  6. Provides opportunity to evaluate the organization before committing to a full time position.
  7. Opportunity to learn new skills and supplement knowledge.
  8. Opportunity to practice communication and teamwork skills.
  9. Opportunity to learn strategies like time management, multi-tasking etc in an industrial setup.
  10.  Opportunity to meet new people and learn networking skills.
  11. Makes a valuable addition to their resume.
  12. Enhances their candidacy for higher education.

Benefits to the Institute:

  • Build industrial relations.
  • Makes the placement process easier.
  • Improve institutional credibility & branding.
  • Helps in retention of the students.
  • Curriculum revision can be made based on feedback from Industry/ students.
  • Improvement in teaching learning process.

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Department Co-Ordinators

S.No Name Department
1 Abhilash IT
2 Mounica ECE
3 Swetha Reddy CIVIL
4 D.Srinivasa Rao EEE
5 B.Sankarachary MECH
6 Jyothirmai H&S
7 Ashwini CSE
8 Divya AIML

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